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Nettl of Glasgow specialises in building beautiful, functional websites that work across automatically across mobile, tablet and desktop. Our sites reflow automatically to provide a great experience to users on any device.

We’re graphics designers by inclination, and website developers by necessity. Our emphasis is on building websites that are stylish and impactful, yet function well and provide a measurable return on investment . Our background means that we can assist with all other aspects of your marketing, from logo design & branding to printing

responsive web design

Is your website ready for the mobile age?

How important is responsive website design – a site that automatically reflows for mobile and desktop devices. Answer – very! If your site isn’t responsive, you should really talk to us. Google updated its search algorithms in 2015 to factor in mobile presence when ranking sites in search. All the evidence since then is that the mobile friendliness of a site is having an increasingly important impact on search ranking.

Mobile friendliness includes text that is readable without zooming, eliminating horizontal scrolling and providing enough space for tapping links.

You can test your own website using Google’s mobile friendly test. Click the button below and find out your score.


Although we have traditionally developed websites using a wide variety of tools, the vast majority of sites we develop now are built on the WordPress platform. WordPress has so many advantages that it’s becoming difficult to justify not using it!

As of 2017, 27% of all websites are built on a WordPress platform

responsive web design
responsive web design


The platform is opensource and continually being developed. Unlike a custom coded website, you will be able to take your WordPress site to another web designer to develop if you want.


Third party plugins

You can add plugins to your WordPress site that cover just about every function you could ever wish for. There are over 50,000 approved WordPress plugins covering functions like social media, payments, reviews, maps, site speed and more.


Or Search Engine Optimisation to give it its full title! As standard WordPress is great for SEO, but with the 100s of third party SEO tools available it’s the ideal platform for external experts to work on your site


Gone are the days when you could spot a WordPress site just by looking at it. You can do whatever you want stylistically with a WP site – quicker than with a custom coded site.


We host all our websites on Amazon EC2. This is class leasing server technology that provide the ultimate in speed, robustness and uptime for your site. Sites like Netflix, Samsung, Spotify & Vodafone use Amazon hosting so you’ll be in good company.