May we politely enquire, are you easily shocked? Stand by, your beliefs could soon be knocked

I’ll tell you a story, of a firm we once knew Adored their clients, well versed in what to do

Relied on repeat business and a loyalty drive They thought this alone would help them thrive

But, trade quieter today, praying for tomorrow Worse!? Smiles became frowns then sorrow

Alas, a flaw uncovered, which goes to show Winning new customers is the only way to grow

You see, a universal human law is at play Time passes, clients leave, retire, move away

Please, we beg, don’t read this tale wrong

Cherish and keep your relationships strong

But just to stand still, new customers must flow What are you doing today to make that so?

Back to the tale, a happy ending, delighted to say When a charming chap revealed a better way

For they discovered Nettl, in the nick of time And some spectacular ideas to help sales climb

Great tales need a moral and lines to read between So choose Nettl, because more customers, Old Bean