How do you go about choosing imagery for your brand?

This will largely depend on things like the nature of the product, the company’s business goals and the intended audience.

Creative Bloq have written a great article about 6 things to consider when choosing images to accompany your brand.

01. DO be eye-catching

Right now, we’re living through a time when it’s never been more challenging to gain attention.

02. DON’T be predictable

If you really want to get attention, here’s a simple technique: think about the kind of images people will expect to see, and then produce something very different.

03. DO get creative with collage

It may be an old-fashioned technique, but right now the art of photo collage is making a big comeback in the design world.

04. DO consider illustration

Think images, and it’s natural to think photography. But precisely because of the ubiquity of this type of imagery, you may be able to make more impact with illustration.

05. DON’T overcomplicate

Sometimes the most effective imagery is the most subtle. Whether you’re using photography or illustration, always consider whether less may be more.

06. DO focus on colour

As we’ve often noted in the past, a series of top brands have successfully managed to ‘own a colour’, such as Coca-Cola’s red and Tiffany’s distinctive blue.

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